Physical therapy device being combined with the intrinsic objective rules of the relations of mutually reinforcing and neutralizing , restriction & generation and dominantion and retaliation among "metal,wood,water,fire and earth" from traditional medical academia and body physiology of humans , pathology in modern Chinese medicinal rationale ; and combined by applying the practically objective rules of traditional Magnetotherapy & health care and the modern Western medicinal rationale ,applying rules of the infrared rays hot compress, and propelling organism restoration is made by Mr Gaofeng,Xiang who has employed the modern state-of-the-art technology and invented the overlaying between infrared rays and spray field line with its constructions being the poineer in technology (patent no:2009100424883),and can have physical therapy and health care functions of infrared rays and field line simultaneously for humans,can help you prevent and cure diseases ,and can sustain and improve your health with noticeable results . The present product is unprecedented in world medicinal realms and it has helped fill out the blank of health improvement via thermo-magnetic therapy home and abroad . It has been lauded with the award of green cum scientific product with low carbon and low phosphorous,and innovative cum contributional product .meanwhile ,it has gained the title to be the chief promotional program in national high-tech innovation patents.

The present product has been tested by trial and run for years ,each materials' environmental parameters,quality index of its parts has been checked strictly,and its technology has been demonstrated in accordance with high tech ,high standard and high demand . It has been certified by CE,ROHS ,FCC(model no:RY863 accessory),also it has shown noticeable results in clinical treatment from several large-size Class 3 first level hospitals as to be functional in physical therapy and health care .
The present product is compact in size,complete in function ,convenient in language manipulation and taking-out ,easy to be used ,suited in households ,hospitals ,etc ,can be utilized to do physical therapy and health care whether you are idle or working .
The present product is applicable to utility in several physical therapies ,especially functional in treatments of cervical vertebra ,lumbar vertebra ,periarthritis of shoulder,arthritis ,cold feet,stomach aching and stomach spasm followed with simple usage,non-aching and swift restoration 
The present product is non-noisy, high-efficient , energy-saving, human-friendly, environment-friendly and low-cost ,ideal for treatment of thermo-magnetic moxibustion and functional in health care .
The present product can disperse colds, stimulate circulation to end stasis, relax sinews, dredge collateral,remove inflammation,sedate aching,functional in hot compress and magnetic physical therapy ,being in compliance with the medical innovational development demands of "simple,convenient,honest,swift and steady".
Welcome all of you in using our products and rendering your valuable comments and feedbacks germane to the present product .

1 . Physical therapy and health care features and its applicable symptoms for cervical vertebra
1.1 Clearing the neural context and easing the pressure on cervical spine in acupuncture points of Neck wind pool (G20),Ojo and In Yu
1.2 Expediting the blood circulations surrounding the neck , preventing hardening of the arteries ,upgrading the blood supply atmosphere of the brain .
1.3 Relaxing the blood vessel and muscle tissue,alleviating sore-swelling fatigue,restoring and sharpening brain retention .
1.4 Spray field line can decrease activity of mediums,liberating Cervical compression,curtail tissue breakdown caused by the stasis and stagnation due to oxygen deprivation so that the analgesic can be attained ; inhibit from the central nerve.
1.5 Applicable to neck stiffening/aging /Meridian obstruction,and Proliferation of cervical disc,etc .
1.6 Applicable to injuries of the neck joint,muscle tissue and ligament due to drastic movement .
1.7Applicable to those who are busy in work,sedentary in office & cars and lack the basic daily working-out of the Cervical Vertebra .

*************** Cervical Vertebra Symptoms***************
  Cervical Vertebra Disease which is frequently-surfaced in Clinics ,and were in main stacks against the elders before ,now they are tilting adversely toward the young things in recent years,its main symptoms are those that the upper limbs are aching and numbing to the accompaniments of stiffness of the neck pain,the nervous line's thick colony may pressure the surrounding blood vessels and nerves when diseases break out to the extent that the vertebral artery lacks blood and reflex spasms when the Cervical Sympathetic Nerves are stimulated.According to the basic theory of Chinese Medicines ,Cervical Vertebra Disease is mainly spawned due to the blood discord,un-cleared collaterals and exposure to the cold,while the modern medical research has indicated that Cervical Vertebra Disease will ,besides the aforesaid,incur headache,dizziness,ear noise ,eye swelling,chest tightness & shortness of breath and limb weakness .
 -----Please use"wood,water and earth"(O,A,R) for health therapy with 2-4 courses with a daily basis

2  Features of physical therapy and health care for Shoulder vertebral diseases and arthritis and its applicable symptoms.
2.1   Infrared rays and field line can penetrate into deep layer of the shoulder,offering continued heat and sustaining normal temperature of the shoulder .
2.2 Dredging shoulder channels and alleviating shoulder rheumatism , Vertebral shoulder inflammation in acupuncture points of Department of Innovation shoulder,Feishu(BL13) , Shoulder Chen(SI9) ,crooked pond(LI11) and junction valley(LI4) etc. 
2.3 Expediting blood circulation tempo surrounding shoulder,alleviating stagnation,sore and
aching of muscles .
2.4 Spray field line can better blood vascular tone and blood viscosity of shoulder and decrease peripheral obstruction  

2.5 Applicable to symptoms pertaining to arthritis,stiffening/swelling/sore of shoulders .
2.6 Applicable to those who have abdominal organ disorders caused by un-smoothiness of blood circulation.
2.7 Applicable to injuries of the neck joint,muscle tissue and ligament due to drastic movement
2.8 Applicable to those who are busy in work,sedentary in office & cars and lack the basic daily working-out of the Cervical Vertebra .
            ************Shoulder vertebral diseases*************
          Shoulder joint is the most complex one in man's joint,its construction connects many,its activity exceeds those of other joint extremely,the shoulder joint surrounding inflammation is also termed as Drain Shoulder Wind and is shortly termed as Frozen Shoulder,its main symptoms are shoulder joint aching and immobility ,the kind disease mainly frequents those women over man aged above 50,the preliminary condition can cause sporadic aching ,and mainly caused by the changing of weather and fatigue ,then in some while ,the aching will be continual and then be aggravated so that one can not sleep(you can not sleep with the affected zones compressed underwards ),and the activity and passivity extending to all directions of shoulder joint will be restricted ,the pulling of shoulder can cause turbulent aching ,shoulder joint can have an extensive pressure aching and then refract to the neck and elbow zones,the teltoid will be atrophied with different degrees ,if the disease can not be healed,then the shoulder function will be strongly affected so that the daily life will be impeded .
----Please use"Metal,wood and water" (E,O,A) for health therapy with 2-4 courses with a daily basis .


3 . Features of physical therapy and health care for lumbar conditions and Lumbar Intervertebral Disc and its applicable symptoms .
3.1 Infrared rays and field line can penetrate into the acupuncture points of lumbar life-gate,lung point ,B24 and waist sun,etc ,sooth lumbar channels and collaterals,alleviate lumbar pressure and fortify capacity of kidney purification and poison elimination .
3.2 Alleviating rheumatic pain in the waist ,swelling sore ,strain of lumbar muscles and Protrusion of Lumbar Intervertebral Disc,etc .
3.4 Capable of alleviating women's menstruation-caused gout and dysmenorrhea ,and helping the old reduce the frequency and urgency of weening.
3.5 Capable of bettering waist & belly specimen microcirculation, activating cells and tissues and strengthening immune functions .
3.6 Spray field line can be functional in detumescence which is shown in the denaturing,seeping and proliferation of inflammation ,they all indicate non-specific resistance functions respectively , can control swelling occurence noticeably and promote dispersal so that it is conducive to re-production and function restoration ,
3.7 Applicable to lumbar inflammation,strain of lumbar muscles,Protrusion of Intervertebral Disc,lumbar stiffening/swelling/ hurting ,etc .
3.8 Applicable to injuries of the neck joint,muscle tissue and ligament due to drastic movement
3.9 Applicable to those who are busy in work,sedentary in office & cars and lack the basic daily working-out of the Cervical Vertebra .
   **********************Lumbar Vertebral Diseases**************
The waist is one of the most complex in movement and has the most activities in our daily life,the main reason for causing the Degenerative Change of lumbar intervertebral disc:Long-term chronic cumulative strain which is also termed as Shoulder Strain ,and mainly caused to those people over 30 ,the degenerated lumbar invertebral disc 's fiber will be denatured ,its elasticity will be decreased,thinnered,brittlered ,necleus dehydrated and extension decreased,basing on such circumstances ,the fiber chain will be broken and nucleus is herniated when some degree of external force or pressure of lumbar invertebral disc are heightened suddenly .freeze and dampness of shoulder can incur the small blood vessel to contract ,muscles having spasms,pressure of lumbar intervertebral disc being heightened and the degenerated lumbar intervertebral disc being cracked .the external elements are over-burden or sudden stooping,lateral flexion ,rotation -caused rupture of fibrous ring,the improper habits in daily life inclusive of rest and sitting can also cause lumbar invertebral disc.In the final analysis ,the lumbar aching is mainly caused by the damage of the tendons and collaterals,the blood is not running smoothly and impediments of blood vessel and collaterals .
-----Please use"Metal,wood and fire"(E,O,I)  for health therapy with 2-4 courses with a daily basis .

4 . Physical therapy and health care features and its applicable symptoms for cold feet(arthritis)
4.1 Infrared ray and spray field line can penetrate into and stimulate acupuncture points as Zusanli,Yanlingquan and FengLeong in knee zones,clear knee collaterals and alleviate rheumatism of knee,Rheumatoid, osteoarthritis of knee through the agency of hot compress .
4.2 Infrared ray and spray field line can penetrate into the deep layers of skin expediting the tempo of blood circulation of knee,improving the muscle construction of knee and alleviating aching of feet muscles and aching caused by movements .
4.3 Applicable to those with rheumatism arthritis,aching,stiffness and degeneration in knee joint .
4.4 Applicable to those with lesions in knee joint,muscle tissues,ligaments and soft tissues caused by vibrant movements.
4.5 Applicable to those who are busy in work and lack the basic daily working-out .
****************Cold feet(arthritis)symptoms****************
Knee is a comparatively large and complex flexion joint which connects the muscles , ligaments and soft tissues between the thigh and calf, and is the indispensable path of heart,blood vessel of foot and nerve endings,and has much of the movements .There are many reasons of causing the knee aching .long-term exposure to the colds and dampness is main reason of incurring arthritis and rheumatism arthritis . In the transition of season changing , the muscle and ligaments will be stiffened,blood vessel be contracted and joint aching be caused .External wind ,colds and dampness will cause knee soft tissue ,especially the brittle fat pad to be damaged.Swelling:Intra-articular seepage increases,synovial inflammation of the synovial,bloodshot joint capsule ,edema ,thickening,coarsening,granulation tissue constructed,and then circulation hinderings inside the joint . Morning stiffness:The reason of causing morning stiffness is due to the decrease of slumber and sporting , the edema fluid cumulating in the inflammatory tissues incurs the swelling of the surrounding tissues of joint . After sporting ,the edema fluid can be absorbed by lymphatic vessels and small veins following the contraction of the muscles,then the morning stiffness can be assuaged.Rtheumatoid arthritis patients will suffer the morning stiffness in the course of chronic condition or active condition,the duration is in proportion to the severity of synovitis .
-----Please use"Metal,wood and water" (E,O,A) for health therapy with 2-4 courses with a daily basis .

The "five medical elements" definitions

The five elements theory is the philosophical thinking from our ancient simple dialectical materialism .Therefore,the ancient medical scientists employed the five elements to amplify the physiological and pathological circumstances in human bodies ,and guided&summarized medical knowledge and clinical experience via it,which then shaped the medical theory system basing on the theory of "Yin and Yang". Basing on the long-run medical practical tests ,applying extensively the"Yin and Yang" theory in the medical realms for illustrating the life origin of human beings ,physiological case and pathological change ,and guiding the clinical diagnosis and treatments has become the important part of Chinese medical theory,and bears a far-reaching influences over the shaping and developments of Chinese medical theory system .

Five elements which denotes the five materials 'activity as "metal,wood,water,fire and earth"is the abstract concept illustrating the inter-connection amongst matters and with sweeping connotations as it can define beyond the above said five elements selves . The five element theory uses the five elements ' functions to sum up matters or property of circumstances and states&infers the inter-connection &the rules of the changes of activity of matters &circumstances through the five elements ' inter-breeding and inter-constraints .It believes that all matters are not alone or still but in constant mutual re-inforcing and neutralizing to maintain coordination and equilibrium. Those are the basic definition of the five elements . Those with growing,ascending and smoothing function and property belongs to wood;those with warming and rising function and property belongs to fire,those with load-bearing,generation&transformation and receiving function and property belongs to earth,those with cleaning,descending and restraining function and property belongs to metal and those with freezing ,breeding and downwards-movements function and property belongs to water . The five elements uses the mutual re-inforcing and mutual neutralizing of the five elements to illustrate the inter-connections among matters and it believes that all matters are not alone or still but in constant mutual re-inforcing and neutralizing to maintain coordination and equilibrium. In the application of the medical learning,the theory mainly uses the five elements to analyse and research the five-elements property and inter-connections of the organ,collateral and physiological functions in bodies, and illustrating their inter-play under the pathological condition . Hence,the five elements is not only for the theoretical illustration in Chinese medicine but also bears practical significance of guiding clinics .

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